TSU students have created the first Japanese club in Tomsk

29 February 2016

Two students of the Department of International Relations - Maxim Soloviev and Arina Serebrennikova - decided to create the first Japanese club in Tomsk, along with students of the Tokyo Metropolitan University who are studying the Russian language. The students are planning to hold classes in an interactive way and at least twice a month to hold meetings at TSU to discuss interesting topics and communicate with native speakers. The translators will help those who do not speak the Japanese language yet.

In the summer of 2015, Maxim and Arina attended Samu, a language school in Tokyo, and in winter 2016, they were participants of the winter language school at Tokyo Metropolitan University. This travel inspired the students to create a platform at TSU, where all who are passionate about the culture of Japan would be able to communicate.

- The idea came long ago, but after the trip and all the impressions we received, we decided that we must put it into practice - said Arina. - An important meeting for us was in Tokyo with the students studying the Russian language. I think they will support our initiatives, especially in creating the club. Thus, the communication will go beyond the boundaries of the university and will be truly international, because students from Japan will be members of the club!

- We want to create not just a social club, but a place where everyone can find something interesting: textbooks, partners for language practice, practical advice for living and studying in Japan, and of course, new friends - adds Maxim. - We want to give participants an opportunity to look at Japan from various angles, without making club meetings just in the lecture form.