TSU will create a single scientific and educational biological cluster

25 February 2016

By the end of 2016 TSU will have a scientific and educational biological cluster that will unify the Siberian Botanical Garden, the Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics, and the Institute of Biology.

- Coordination and cooperation in science is the imperative of our time - said Alexander Revushkin, Professor of the Biology Institute. - In recent years we have seen examples of the new forms of association, allowing, on one hand, preserving the autonomy of the constituent parts, and on the other organizing collaboration in different spheres. One of these forms is a cluster.

According to Danil Vorobyov, the director of the Biological Institute, the idea of creating a biological cluster at TSU has a long history. Three major departments – the Biological Institute, the Siberian Botanical Garden, and the Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics – currently conduct research and educational activities in a wide range of areas, but due to the lack of established communication between them areas are duplicated or, conversely, disappear without finding support.

-Today we are making the first step: we have agreed to develop the concept of a biological cluster. However, I want to note that it is important to not only unify the divisions but also to make major structural changes. This step is necessary in order not to lose the current trends in science and opportunities for the learning process, - said Daniel Vorobyov.

He also stressed that the most important decisions about the association of the units will be taken by the collective: the structure of the cluster should suit the majority. The term of this task is one year.