Staff of TSU Botanical Garden: Tree of 5-100 will give its first fruit

20 February 2016

A year ago, during the days of their work here, members of the International Council of the 5-100 programme planted a citrus sapling in the subtropical greenhouse of the Siberian Botanical Garden. During the year, the tree has grown, and the staff of the Botanical Garden are awaiting its first flowering this year.

Oranges in many cultures are a symbol of abundance and fertility. The tree of 5-100 has become a symbol of the fruitful work of Russian universities, five of which in 2020 should enter the hundred best in the world.

The tree that was planted by the members of the International Council united 5 different varieties and types of citrus: the orange Moro, lemon Jubilee, pomelo Chandler, citron Buddha's Hand, and calamondin (citrofortunella).

- The tree of 5-100 feels great, - says Mikhail Yamburov, head of the Laboratory of Introduction of Tropical and Subtropical Plants. - Now spring has come in the greenhouse, and the tree buds are swelling after winter dormancy. All grafted citrus varieties have taken root and will soon release their first leaves. This year, we expect the first flowering and the first fruits of the tree of 5-100. 

Branches of 5 varieties that will form the fruit will grow from the grafted buttons. According to the staff of the Botanical Garden, the tree can live for up to a hundred years.