TSU Research Library has opened a special room for scientists

20 February 2016

Recently TSU Research Library had an official opening of a new research room.

Creating the research room was caused by the needs of the University and the Library, and was part of the plan to implement the programme of renovation of the Library’s space. Information Centre 24/7, which gives students the opportunity to comfortably engage in the Library at any time of day, had been already opened under this programme and now is operating successfully. The Research Library now has all the conditions for the work of scientists and scholars.

- We have tried to organize a service in the room so that visitors can get advice on the full range of issues related to the cycle of knowledge production, - says Mikhail Shepel, Director of the Library. – The Bibliographic Information Centre and the Centre for Promotion of Publication Activity will work here. Our staff will help to make a literature review on the topic of interest, and will consult about scientometric indicators and working with bibliography managers.

The set of services will be expanded further depending on the needs of scientists and teaching the library staff. The research room area is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable work: rooms for individual and group work, equipment for presentations and video conferencing, and access to reference books and computer databases. Additionally, there are places for rest, where visitors will not disturb those who are working in separate offices.

- We hope that the organization of the space, the service package, and the atmosphere of the research room will promote the spirit of scientific inquiry, interdisciplinary cooperation, intellectual dialog of researchers, and eventually the accumulation of new knowledge, - says Mikhail Shepel.

The function of booking rooms for individual and collaborative research has already been opened. You can complete the application by Internet and book a room.