A new TSU laboratory will develop materials for medicine

12 February 2016

The Organic Synthesis Laboratory, recently established at Tomsk State University, will develop new chemical materials and their production.

The new structural division was separated from the Laboratory of Catalytic Research of the Faculty of Chemistry. According to the head of the laboratory Viktor Malkov, it will expand the themes of research, scientific contacts, and communication with industrial partners.

- Today, thanks to organic synthesis, we can create a huge number of materials for various applications, - said Victor Malkov. - This is the synthesis of organic compounds that exist in nature and developing new chemical compounds with the desired properties. In our laboratory, we create these materials for the chemical, medical, and woodworking industries.

Now, for example, the Laboratory conducts the development and optimization of methods for the synthesis of about 15 substances, among them hydrocarbons and nitrogen and sulfur compounds. In addition, chemists are collaborating with industry to find methods of recycling and waste disposal.

Among the notable developments of the new laboratory’s staff are glycoluril (nitrogen fertilizer with prolonged action), imidazoles, modifiers, resins and adhesives, and textile auxiliaries. More recently, allantoin was received - a substance used in the manufacture of cosmetics and hygiene products. Now it comes to Russia from abroad. The technology developed by TSU chemists allows producing a product that meets pharmaceutical standards, at a lower price. Currently this development is being transferred to an industrial partner, LLC Novokhim.