TSU students received medals of the RAS

27 January 2016

The philosophic work on ubiquitous cynicism by Angelina Gukova, TSU graduate student, was awarded with the Medal of Russian Academy of Sciences. Also, the works of young scientists of the University Andrey Erst and Ksenia Zavyalova were awarded the Medal of the Academy of Sciences and the premium.

In her work “Cynicism as a Type of Reflective and Critical Worldview”, Angelina Gukova described how the phenomenon of cynicism has transformed since antiquity.

- If before cynicism was considered as a bright human quality inherent to individual marginal personalities, today we see that it has passed into the category of ordinary and typical for the whole society. It is expressed primarily in the consumer attitude to life, caring only for one’s own benefit. In other words, a modern person more often considers unnecessary knowledge and activities that do not bring personal bonuses. This is cynicism - says Gukova.

Ksenia Zavyalova (Faculty of Radiophysics) in the work “Three-dimensional Radio Tomography Based on the Measurement of the Amplitude of the Field” proposed a new approach in radio vision.

- Tomography systems are used very widely: from the quality control of materials and structures, to medical diagnostic systems to ensuring safety. The main task of radio vision is to extract information about the scattering objects of the wave field and display it on the screen. In my master's thesis, I described a simple (compared to traditional) way to restore the three-dimensional images of hidden objects - says Zavyalova.

Andrey Erst, Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD) at the TSU Laboratory of Plant Taxonomy and Phylogeny received the Medal of Russian Academy of Sciences for his work on the study of the evolution of the family Ranimculaceae.

- The study of evolutionary processes on the example of the plant allows us to understand the connections of natural complexes of different continents and predict the development of the plant world in the future, - says Andrey Erst.