Students of Biological Institute are studying the history of the oldest university of Siberia

5 March 2019

In March, 2019 during the Spring Decade of TSU Museums, first-year students of Biological Institute, who are the participants of the project “Foreign language competence development of TSU students”, are going to visit the Museum of History of Tomsk State University.

The students will be acquainted with the display which will tell them the history of Tomsk State University in detail: from the establishment to the present days. Also, they will be able to appreciate the contribution of their Alma Mater to the development of the city and the region as well. Additionally, the students will learn about the outstanding researchers of TSU who madethe university famed.

The participants of the project are supposed to prepare a series of group projects in the English language devoted to different aspects of TSU life and activity, such as the first professors of Tomsk State University and the students’ routine in the late 19th century; or students’ organizations, volunteer movement and academic mobility TSU students are involved into in the 21st century.

Venue: TSU main building, room 231, Museum of History of Tomsk State University.