Chemistry of New Year

15 January 2019

The Old Style New Year – is the time to reflect on the belated New Year. The students of Chemistry Faculty have had not only fun but also a very useful experience.

Any student of Chemistry Faculty believes that chemistry is magic. New Year – is the time when everybody is looking forward to some magic to happen. So the students of groups 08702b и 08703b (“Foreign Language Competence Development of TSU students”) decided to revel some secrets of New Year to their groupmates.

Thestudentshaspreparedalotofcreativeactivities: interactivepresentationsоnchemistry of New Year’s smells, drinks, traditional dishes, fireworks; quizzes, crossword puzzles, brain teasers, anda New Year’s song.

20 December, 2018, firstyearstudents (group08802б), theparticipantsof “ForeignLanguageCompetenceDevelopmentofTSUstudents” project performed “New Year’s Adventures of Красная Шапочка”, a fairy tale in macaronic style*, organized by Aleksandra Soboleva.

TheaudiencewatchedwithexhilarationtheadventuresofKrasnayaShapochka (SemyonGulevich) inawinterforest. Sheencounteredcunningfox (PolinaBulavskaya), funnyhare (TomirisAsanova), insidious robbers (ArinaPeredumova, Sofia Puzyreva, Valeria Davydenkoко) and wicked Baba Yaga (Savalainen Nikita).

And of course New Year’s miracle came into the picture! DedMoroz (Konstantin Zhadan) and Snegurochka (Svetlana Kudryavtseva) turned Baba Yaga into a kind and pretty girl (MariyaKhabibulina).

A special thanks toVeronukaProkopievafor background music.

AnnaSondor: It was a great fun! The audience isexcited! ThankyouforcreatingNewYear’smood. Theactingwassuperb! It is worth mentioning that the students have prepared thoroughly: the dialogs, the setting and the music were great.

*MACARONICSTYLE – figure of speech: the inclusion of foreign words into a poemora story written native language; here: the combination of Russian and English words.