A tour to animal world in English

24 December 2018

Within the project «Development of foreign language competence of TSU students» in December 2018, the students of the 1st course of Biological Institute visited the display of Zoological museum of Tomsk State University.

It is one of the oldest subdivisions of the university and it begins its history since 1887. Professional interest of students – future biologists, zoologists – was increased by the fact that the employee of the museum Dmitry V. Kurbatsky conducted the excursion in the English language. Students were listening to the information about many types of creatures, which inhabited our planet at the beginning of formation of life on the Earth, and of those living here nowadays. On the one hand, all the students were keen on the interesting information about a specific composition of animal kingdom. On the other hand, they were able to realize the importance of English to establish the international contacts with foreign colleagues and possibility to discuss professional problems in collaboration.