TSU programme for training psychologists was recognized in the world

23 March 2016

The Master’s programme Psychology of Health and Safety of the Faculty of Psychology has received a certificate of international accreditation from FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). The programme matches quality requirements and demonstrates a level of excellence according to many criteria. FIBAA accredited Tomsk State University for the maximum period, up to 2021.

The programme Psychology of Health and Safety has been offered at TSU since 2011. Its graduates can provide psychological help to people who are in extreme or emergency situations and members of professions associated with work in difficult conditions (pilots, sailors, firefighters, operators of power plants and other industrial facilities, and others).

Last November FIBAA experts visited TSU, where they observed in detail the organization of the programme and the teachers and graduate students. Experts evaluated the qualifications of the teaching staff, the positioning of the programme in the educational market, and the transparency of the admission campaign and managerial decision-making, as well as close integration of theory and practice:

- The integration of theory and practice is indicative of criteria of quality. Experts noted that the graduates of this programme are multi-faceted in education and in the competencies that they are obtaining. They possess professional techniques and can lead psychological support of persons working in rehabilitation centres, social protection, and psychological assistance to provide professional services in psychology, information, and personnel security, - says Tatyana Rudenko, Director of the Centre for International and Professional and Public Accreditation of TSU Educational Programmes.

Experts also awarded with high marks the other indicators of the programme that confirm a high percentage of employment of graduates and the growth of their careers.
Now TSU has three programmes with certificates of international accreditation, Psychology of Health and Safety (Faculty of Psychology) and the European Union Studies (Faculty of History) - by FIBAA, and Finance and Accounting in Organizations (Faculty of Economics) - from the ACCA, testifying to the outstanding quality of the programmes. This year the programme of the Faculty of Radiophysics, Verification and Testing of Hardware and Software Components of Telecommunications Systems, will go for international accreditation by the ASIIN, the German agency for accreditation of programmes in technical areas.