On February16 TSU invites you to the lecture from multicultural international volunteers

11 February 2016

The return of TSU’s volunteering center Univol’s project ‘Multicultural Lectures’!

You can come to new meetings with speakers from different countries and a lot of interesting information about volunteering and travelling in ‘other’ cultures. Come and learn something!
The first multicultural lecture will be by foreign volunteers Sara Lamuru (France) and Eva Blahut (Poland).

The lecture programme:

The concept of volunteering in France and Poland. Why do young people choose to be volunteers?

About the program ‘European Volunteering Service’. How to become a volunteer in another country and gain new professional and personal experience?

We look forward to seeing you on 16 February at 16:30 in the Small Conference Hall of TSU’s Research Library 
(34a Lenin Ave, bus stop ‘TSU Library’).