Creative evening

1 December 2015

Creative evening will be the final point of the lecture course "Literature of Tomsk and Siberia" within the project "Open University" and dedicated to the Year of Russian literature. For the first time all the “three centuries of Tomsk literature” will be presented. Tomsk literature will appear before the participants in games, art, discussions.

Tomsk citizens will see a whole kaleidoscope of events:

- Exhibition "At the roots of Tomsk literature" (Tomsk writers of the XIX century – G.N.Potanin, N.I. Naumov, N.M. Yadrintsev);

- Interactive action "Pages of Tomsk literature";

- Dramatic reading contest where participants will read the poems of Tomsk poets only, since the XIX century to the present day;

- Round table "Tomsk literature: yesterday, today and tomorrow" with a discussion.

The event will be held on December 4, at 18:00 in the old building of TSU Scientific Library.

Free admission.