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24 March 2016

TSU student creates software for modeling an invisibility cloak

Egor Yurchenko is developing software that has no analog and with which it will be possible to model microwave devices from new metamaterials, whose properties even allow making these devices invisible for tomography

22 March 2016

TSU will be engaged in data analysis of social networks

Russia's only large social network analysis laboratory has been established at Tomsk State University

14 March 2016

TSU scientists will create an algorithm for disposal of spent GLONASS

This year, scientists of the Department of Celestial Mechanics and Astrometry NII PMM are beginning to create an algorithm for utilization of nonfunctioning satellites of the GLONASS system

25 February 2016

TSU scientists simulated a nuclear explosion of an asteroid

Employees of the Department of Celestial Mechanics and Astrometry NII PMM and colleagues from St. Petersburg State University, Keldysh Research Center, and Research Institute Sirius are developing measures to protect the Earth from potentially dangerous celestial bodies

17 February 2016

TSU scientists have found a new method of cleaning lakes

Researchers of the TSU Institute of Biology have invented technology of subglacial treatment of ponds contaminated with oil

12 February 2016

TSU is creating phytomedications for the effectiveness of chemotherapy

Scientists in the Laboratory of Phytochemistry and Experimental Pharmacology of the Siberian Botanical Garden of Tomsk State University are working to develop highly efficient products of plant origin for the treatment of socially significant diseases

4 February 2016

TSU USB flash drive will keep a terabyte on a few square centimeters

Elena Zhuravleva, a student at the Faculty of Radiophysics, explores composite materials and plans to establish a means of recording and reading information based on them that can replace the existing hard drives in computers

3 February 2016

Russian scientists blow up ice to test their theories

Russian scientists blow up ice to test their theories

2 February 2016

TSU scientists have developed the world’s first method for 3D printing

TSU scientists have developed a 3D printer that has no analogs. It allows printing ceramics that whose properties compete with those of high alloy steel non-ferrous metals and hard alloys

22 January 2016

Oil companies can use TSU technology to clean lakes

A fundamentally new, cheap, and effective way to clean lake bottom sediments of oil that was created by scientists of the Institute of Biology TSU, now is protected by a patent

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