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31 May 2016

TSU scientists find way to detect cancer carriers

TSU has introduced a new method of spectral analysis that allows detection of bronchopulmonary diseases including lung cancer by analyzing exhaled breath with high accuracy

25 May 2016

Methods of TSU physicists help solve the problems of string theory

Scientists from the Faculty of Physics took part in an event at the Munich Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics (MIAPP, Munich)

20 May 2016

TSU scientists help pharmacologists to create a new antidepressant

Employees of the Laboratory of Medical Plants and Laboratory of Phytochemistry and Experimental Pharmacology of the Siberian Botanical Garden of Tomsk State University are exploring the features of a medicinal plant, Aconitum barbatum

20 May 2016

TSU researchers have developed an ecological method for cleaning lakes

The oil cleansing method was developed by TSU researchers and is optimal for lake ecosystems. The experiment proved that the content of oil in water was reduced by 35-40 times

12 May 2016

The audiocamera of TSU scientists will identify the voice of the many

Nadezhda Erzakova, a Master’s student at TSU, has proposed to use acoustic fault detection to create a remote directional microphone

11 May 2016

The development of SPhTI TSU scientists will help to produce heavy oil

One of the most urgent problems of Russian oil and gas industry is the production of tight oil

6 May 2016

A new way to make a communication connection in space more cheaply

Artem Kamenev, a student of TSU Faculty of Radiophysics, is working on a model of a flat focusing reflector

26 April 2016

TSU scientists will create old smart materials to make them more durab

The scientists of the Laboratory of Physics of High-Strength Crystals of SPhTI have set the task of investigating the mechanisms of degradation and increasing the cyclic stability of the functional properties of new smart materials with magnetic shape memory effect

21 April 2016

TSU has constructed a ballistic installation for Roscosmos

The equipment allows ground conditions to simulate the impact of different elements of fragmentation and meteoroid environment on spacecraft

18 April 2016

TSU scientists will develop new ways to protect satellites

Employees of the Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, along with scientists of Faculty of Physics and Engineering, have begun to study the interaction of spacecraft with small fragments of meteors and space debris

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