TSU student creates software for modeling an invisibility cloak

24 March 2016

Egor Yurchenko, student of the Faculty of Radiophysics, is developing software that has no analog and with which it will be possible to model microwave devices from new metamaterials, whose properties even allow making these devices invisible for tomography. In particular, it will be possible to model an aircraft camouflage trim or an invisibility cloak.

In metamaterials, the usual order of distribution of refraction and reflection of electromagnetic waves is broken. This will allow creating unique devices with no analogs that can make objects invisible for the radio-electronic devices.

- For example, we can model the masking trim for an aircraft or an invisibility cloak for a fighter to check the behavior of electromagnetic waves near these objects, - says Egor. -With the assistance of the programme we will be able to predict the behavior of electromagnetic waves in the objects of metamaterial nature before conducting the real, sometimes very expensive experiments.

As was noted by the researcher, current software systems for modeling complex objects hardly solve indicated problems in real time, even using supercomputers.

At the moment, we have created a test version of the programme, which is constantly being improved. With the successful implementation of the project, its commercialization is planned . This software will be useful for creating electronic devices and equipment for various purposes, such as bandpass filters and transmitting antennas of radars.

Egor Yurchenko is included in a group of TSU scientists participating in the Atlas project to investigate the properties of the Higgs boson at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research). In February 2016 he was awarded a scholarship named after Victor Günther from the Micran Research and Production Company, which occupies a leading position in the Russian radioelectronics industry.

In addition, he directs the robotics laboratory I-Robot of the Faculty of Radiophysics and is the initiator and developer of a project on vocational guidance of entrants in the field of Robotics.