How to find a job in the EU and avoid mistakes

2 December 2020

On December 2, you are invited to the workshop Career Planning for the European Professional. The event is designed for people who want to find a job in English-speaking countries or international companies. The organizer and presenter of the seminar is Peter Mitchell, head of the TSU Department of Translation and Language Communications and author of the course “Career planning: resume/CV, cover letter, interview”, which received worldwide recognition in 2020. The workshop participants will receive answers to a variety of questions, ranging from job search to self-presentation and interviewing.

- Finding a job and interviewing even in the country where you live can be fraught with a lot of difficulties, says Peter Mitchell. - If we are talking about other countries and employers whose mentality is not very familiar to you, and at the same time you need to present yourself not in your native language, then the number of difficulties and mistakes increases.

During the workshop, the presenter and participants will consider the most important questions: how to find the ideal vacancy; how to write a resume that will differ from templates and will attract the employer's attention; how to write a letter establishing a connection; and how to strategically prepare for a successful interview.

- Before the interview, you need to carefully study the target company, because you will have to live in its corporate culture. Everything is important here - from the choice of clothes to the manner of communication, - notes Peter Mitchell. - Next, you need to clearly understand what the company itself needs and what you can offer them. European employers are more focused not on formal characteristics, but on the competencies and experience of employees. You need to be ready for competent self-presentation through answers to questions about professional experience, be able to briefly and enthusiastically talk about the problems you encountered and the decisions made, thanks to which you overcame difficulties.

Despite the large number of job recommendations that flood the Internet, many of them don't work. When communicating, a person sometimes gets lost and, instead of showing themself from the advantageous side, makes gross mistakes. The workshop will help to roleplay different situations, and at the same time improve language skills.

The workshop is designed for one and a half hours. Working language: English. Participation in the event is free. 

It will take place on December 2 at 11:30 GMT (06:30 New York, 14:30 Moscow, 17:00 Delhi, 18:30 Tomsk, 19:30 Hong Kong).

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