Ninda from Indonesia talks about studying at TSU

25 November 2020

Ninda lived and studied in Indonesia, and then entered TSU.

She got a job with UNIPROFI, and soon, thanks to her efforts, the number of Indonesian students in Tomsk will increase at least 150%.

- Hello, Ninda! Tell me where are you from.

- Hi, I'm from Indonesia.

- Can you tell us a little about yourself?

- I graduated from high school in Indonesia in 2018. My brother and mother wanted me to get higher education in another country. We tackled this issue and found a state scholarship to study in Russia. And here I am. 

- What area have you chosen? Do you like studying at TSU?

- I am in my second year of a bachelor's degree in International Relations. Yes, of course, I like it, but sometimes I have difficulties understanding the Russian language, it is so difficult!

- Let's talk a little about work. 

- Ok on! Yes, I work in an office in the TSU main building.

- What is your position and what are your main responsibilities?

- I am a translator working with Indonesian students. My main task is the translation and preparation of documents. I also help with the processing of visas for students from Indonesia, sorting documents, and making copies of them.

- How long is your working day?

- I handle translation and documentation throughout the working week, Monday through Friday. I work about two hours a day, sometimes more. It all depends on the amount of work and my schedule. I like that I can choose a convenient time to work myself.

- Have you faced any difficulties in your work?

- To be honest, I didn't have any difficulties. If I don't understand something in Russian, I can always communicate in English or use a translator.

How long have you worked at the labor exchange?

- I have been working since mid-July and plan to work until the end of December while I can.

- If it's not a secret, how many students from Indonesia want to enter TSU? :)

- Quite a lot ... As far as I know, now there are about 50 students from Indonesia in Tomsk, and next year another 20 Indonesian applicants are planning to study here, at TSU.