TSU and Maastricht University launch School of Fascinating Science

3 November 2020

TSU invites high school students and students of any course level to take part in the School of Fascinating Science, where they can solve real scientific cases, learn to work in a team, and speak to an audience. The school begins on November 9, and the registration of participants is open until November 5.

The School of Fascinating Science is conducted by the TSU Tomsk International Science Program and Maastricht University.

Classes are held online. Students can create individual study plans, depending on the tracks they are interested in.

The School’s program consists of 3 tracks:

Honors Program (mandatory track)

The perfect combination of practice and theory to teach you how to solve scientific cases and work in a team. Classes are taught by the best instructors from TSU and other universities. It is perfect for students who are interested in natural sciences and want to become part of the international scientific community and high school students who want to apply to international undergraduate programs.


The Honors Program includes 3 thematic blocks

- Light and color;

- Energy and temperature;

- Pollution

At the end of the program, the participants will prepare their projects on their topic.

All lessons are taught in English.


Studying English (optional block)

If you want to improve your skills, you can sign up for an additional block for learning English. You will study both basic and academic English. This will help you participate in conferences in English, publish in journals, and connect with fellow students and academics around the world.

Groups will be according to student levels. The minimum level is B1.


Practice for the Exams (optional block)

High school students and other prospective university applicants can enroll in exam preparation courses (USE for Russian students, entrance exams for others). You can prepare for mathematics, physics, chemistry, or Russian, or study Russian as a foreign language. The exam preparation is available in Russian and English.


To participate, you should submit an application by November 5 on the website http://schoolscience-tsu.tilda.ws/

Classes will begin on November 9.