International students now have the right to work in any organization

7 August 2020

A law came into force in Russia on August 5 that allows international students to earn money not only at the university and not only during holidays, but at any time free from studies. To do this, they will not need to obtain special permits; it is enough to have a certificate from the university, institute, or college where they study.

Prior to the enactment of the new law, students could find employment both at their own university and in other organizations only during vacationtime. And during their studies, they could only work at the university on a part-time basis. For employment in third-party organizations, it was necessary to have a work permit.

The TSU International Department emphasizes that many international students have a difficult situation due to the pandemic: most of the students could not even pay current expenses - payment of state fees for extending a visa, payment of dormitory accommodation, meals, and others. Therefore, back in April, a database of their resumes was formed for employment through the Uniprofi student exchange.

- At the end of July, 232 TSU international students were employed through the Uniprofi Student Labor Exchange. These are all international students who have expressed a desire to work, the International Department said. - For example, they are currently maintaining Instagram and Facebook pages in Turkish, Indonesian, Arabic, French, and English (for the Indian audience).

From August 5, students can work everywhere without a work permit, however, other organizations need to have a permit to accept foreign citizens. Moreover, in the case of expulsion of an international student from a university or college, the employment contract must be terminated immediately. But at TSU an exception applies to those students who study at the Pre-courses Department - they are still not allowed to work during their studies.

In the 2019/2020 academic year, 2,719 international students from 70 countries studied at TSU.