TSU graduate school will explore how movement affects health

30 July 2020

The graduate school Movement and Health has been opened, based in the TSU Faculty of Physical Education. Its uniqueness is combining two areas: biological sciences (the speciality Physiology) and pedagogical sciences (Physical Culture and Sports). Young scientists will investigate the impact of movement on the human body and its health, and look for methods of teaching a person a healthy lifestyle with physical activity and motivating a healthy lifestyle.

The graduate school Movement and Health will conduct research at various levels, from studying the organism as a whole to cells and individual molecules. Thus, graduates will receive a unique specialty and the opportunity for professional growth in human health and resistance to disease.

Graduate students will enroll in one of the two already-existing programs - biological sciences and pedagogical sciences - but they will expand their educational opportunities and scientific work. The school's program provides lectures and seminars by leading specialists from other universities, not only Tomsk universities.

The Department of Sports and Health Tourism, Sports Physiology, and Medicine has a youthful, creative, and ambitious team: the average age is less than 40 years, and 80% are doctors and candidates of sciences. The team is carrying out two projects with the support of the Russian Science Foundation. The first is devoted to the study of myokines - special proteins that are produced by muscles during exercise. As part of the second project, scientists are studying the effect of physical activity on type 2 diabetes.