The first defense of a PhD TSU dissertation was held

3 September 2018

On August 27, the first defense of a dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy TSU (PhD TSU) in the historical sciences took place at the University. The candidate was Supreet Singh Sethi, a graduate of the Faculty of History and a young scientist from India. He presented a work on the specifics of US–India relations. Members of the council recognized it as worthy and voted to award the degree.

Supreet Singh Sethi became the first graduate student at TSU to whom the Academic Council of the University will award a PhD TSU with a university degree diploma. He defended his dissertation on general history on the topic “The Importance of India in the “The Significance of India in the US Pivot to Asia (2011–2017)”. He analyzed the importance of India for US policy in the Afghanistan–Pakistan and Asia–Pacific regions.

Since 2014, 7 postgraduate programs in English have been implemented at TSU. These are PhD programs where postgraduate students from Bulgaria, Holland, Pakistan, India, Algeria, and China also study. It was at their request that the decision of the TSU Academic Council in 2016 formed and introduced its own system of awarding the degree of PhD TSU.

- Very high requirements are set for the defense of a PhD thesis at TSU. For example, the main scientific results should be published in peer-reviewed scientific publications included in the international citations Scopus or Web of Science - at least 3 publications. In addition, the members of the council should have scientific papers on the topic of the dissertation listed in Scopus or Web of Science, - said Tatyana Kasatkina, head of the Department of Postgraduate Study at TSU. - Today we saw a worthy level of preparation for both the dissertation and in his scientific and qualification work.

Specialists and experts on the topic of the dissertation from TSU and leading Russian universities were included in the temporary board that was formed for the defense of the dissertation. The chairman was Vasily Zinoviev, Professor at the Faculty of Historical and Political Sciences of TSU.

- This is TSU’s next step in our gradual entry into the international education system. It means that we can not only prepare Bachelors and Masters among international students, but also postgraduates who can both defend candidate dissertations by our standards and do work in the Anglo-Saxon system of education, in this case - a doctor of philosophy, - said Vasily Zinoviev. - It is useful for us that we were able to familiarize ourselves with the views of the representative of another country on the relationship of different countries. Also for us this is the first experience of such a defense, but there was no doubt that the work is worthy and of a sufficiently high level and that the specialist knows his business.

By the end of 2018, two more PhD dissertations (in sociology and in the chemical sciences) are planned to be defended at TSU.

The PhD TSU degree was approved at TSU in 2016. Those who have completed postgraduate studies at TSU in PhD programs or have already defended their candidate’s or doctoral dissertation at TSU can apply for it.

Those wishing to apply for a PhD TSU degree should contact the postgraduate department.