TSU and Maastricht: students are solving the real problems of medicine

27 June 2018

The master's theses for the program Physical Methods and Information Technologies in Biomedicine were defended. This program is implemented by partner universities - TSU and Maastricht University (Netherlands). The themes of the master's work concerned urgent issues in modern medicine - the fight against cancer, the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, cardiodiagnosis, and the vestibular apparatus of the human brain.

The dual master's degree program in biomedicine with the University of Maastricht has been based at TSU in the Faculty of Physics since 2015. It proposes internships at Maastricht University, where student teams carry out research under the guidance of world-class specialists. This year, 6 students became graduates, and 3 of them defended dissertations with an excellent mark.

- The name of the program speaks for itself about the versatile themes of the scientific research of students, - said Vladimir Demkin, the head of the program. - The interdisciplinary approach to research in fundamental medicine, which is based on physical processes and laws, uses modern information technologies to model the most complex processes in biological systems. The results of research works are widely used in practical medicine.

Among this year’s graduates are physicists, physicians, and biologists. They carried out their master's work under the double leadership of the professors of TSU and the Maastricht University. For example, the research of Tom Evers concerned a new combined method for treating breast cancer. Eugenia Solomina presented a method that can be considered the basis for a new area of targeted therapy for Alzheimer's disease. According to the scientific leaders, the results obtained are of unique importance to modern medicine, ones that will help to overcome the vulnerability of established treatments.

Most graduates are continuing their research in laboratories in Russia and Europe.

The admission campaign for this master's program has already begun. You can find out more about the admission process on the site of Laboratory for Modelling of Physical Processes in Biology and Medicine at TSU and from the program coordinator Tatiana Rudenko, rudenko@ido.tsu.ru; Tel: +7 (3822) 529-552.