Volunteers from 8 countries have opened the Volunteer Park in Tomsk

20 June 2018

The project Volunteer Park: Modern Technologies of Volunteer Activity has been launched at TSU. Students from the Volunteer Center UNIVOL and the volunteer organization Initiative conducted game workshops in Tomsk schools with international colleagues participating.

Volunteers from TSU and from Colombia, Brazil, the Netherlands, France, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh are visiting schools in the city and talk about interesting volunteer initiatives in Tomsk, Russia, and the world. Becoming familiar with volunteering traditions can become the beginning of activity in this area for each participant in the workshops, from a schoolchild to a teacher of secondary educational institutions or a non-commercial organization representative.

- I'm interested in Russian culture and I think that working together is one of the best ways to learn more about the real Russia. In addition, I like to communicate with children. They are energetic and have a rich imagination. That's why I came to Tomsk, at TSU. I am sure that the project will give me many wonderful emotions,- Zoey Kwok, a volunteer from Hong Kong, shares her impressions.

With the exciting volunteer quest, TSU activists have already visited schools № 32 and 25, Lyceum № 8, and the Career Planning Center.

- Children often do not understand what volunteering is. For two hours, students in the form of play acquainted the children with various areas of voluntary and enthusiastic help that can be given in various spheres of life, ecological or artistic. The kids tried their hand at various proposed tasks and situations and were satisfied, - said Natalia Chipigina, a teacher of School № 32.