TSU and University of Tromsø will hold scientific schools on photonics

18 May 2018

Tomsk State University and the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway have agreed to conduct four international scientific schools at Russian and Norwegian universities participating in the Optical Probe Sensors at Biological Environments (OPS@BE) project. This scientific and educational project is aimed at training specialists in biophotonics, in particular, those who will work on creating tools for contactless diagnosis of biological tissues.

Master’s and graduate students with basic knowledge in photonics molecules may participate in the schools. The project is funded by the Norwegian side.

- The two main two-month winter schools will be held at the project’s coordinating universities: the University of Tromsø in 2019 and TSU in 2020, - says Professor Olga Chaikovskaya, TSU Faculty of Physics. – We will offer 2-3 interdisciplinary problems around which the lecture program of schools will be built. The task of the participants is to tackle these problems, to build a plan for experimental research, and to collect and analyze experimental data that would offer a possible solution. The schools will form student teams, which will continue to interact after the end of the project.

Four international scientific schools are planned over the next two years:

  • School on Computational Chemistry (March-April 2019), coordinated by the University of Tromsø, Norway; with the involvement of researchers at the University of Oslo;

  • School on Optical Methods for Studying Biological Macromolecules (June 2019), coordinated by St. Petersburg State University;

  • School on Experimental Methods of Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Organic Molecules and Biological Systems (March-April 2020), coordinated by Tomsk State University; and

  • School on Methods of Multiscale Modeling to Study the Properties of Molecules (June 2020), coordinated by the University of Oslo, Norway.

The topics of the schools include theoretical methods for studying the spectral properties of molecules and their computer implementations; modern experimental methods for studying biological macromolecules and biological systems; interaction of molecules with the environment; and others. The scientific basis of the schools will be joint theoretical studies in modeling photochemical processes in organic compounds and protein structures, which will be conducted by TSU and the University of Tromsø.

The coordinators of the TSU side can provide additional information: Vladimir Pomogaev vapom@mail.tsu.ru and Olga Chaikovskaya tchon@phys.tsu.ru.