Entrants from 19 countries applied to TSU’s Master’s programmes

8 July 2016

As a result of the 2016 admission campaign, TSU is planning to take 2,966 people 1,088 of them will be enrolled in the Master’s programmes. To date, over 370 people have already submitted documents to the Master’s programmes, 61 of them citizens of countries in the near and far abroad.

- TSU ranks second among Tomsk universities in the proportion of students from other countries. It is the most difficult recruited contingent, which suggests training in the English language, - said Artyom Rykun, Vice-Rector for International Affairs.

For the first time, entrants from Jordan and Ghana will be trained in the Master’s programmes of TSU. Traditionally applicants from Asia (China, Laos, Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Bangladesh, and others) and Europe (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and others) have a great interest in the University. It is the second year that TSU has been selected by graduates from Arab countries such as Iraq, for example. In addition, citizens of Nigeria, Pakistan, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Bulgaria also decided to study at one of the prestigious universities in Russia.

The study of Russian language and literature has traditionally attracted international students, but economic and historical specialties and computer science have also become popular at the moment. In particular, the Faculty of Informatics is developing Bachelor’s programmes focused on students from Asia, where the demand for computer science is extremely high.

It should be noted that according to the results of monitoring of universities by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation in 2015-2016, the proportion of international students who have graduated from TSU is 11.81%, that is every eighth student at TSU is an international student. In addition, during this period 91 international specialists have worked at TSU at least a semester.