TSU will create virtual museum and computer game projects

6 July 2016

The Laboratory of Humanitarian Problems of Informatics and Social Robotics has launched the Summer School of Digital Humanities (DH) at TSU. The participants will develop analytical and practical projects in social robotics, e-learning, virtual museums, and computer games.

- Today, the era of IT has ended and the era of digitalization has begun, - noted Galina Mozhayeva, the director of the Institute of Distance Education. - From the production of technologies, the world has come to the creation of the digital world. All that surrounds us is transformed into numbers, and the growth of this trend is huge. Here in our school most of the participants are working virtually, and it makes the format more mobile and accessible.

The DH School is primarily aimed at graduates who plan to plan to get a Master’s degree and are interested in the digital humanities. It is attended by philologists, culture experts, and journalists. In the near future, economists, designers, philosophers, translators, and programmers will begin their teleworking.

For five days, students will attend public lectures and master classes, and they can also develop their own projects. They can have a practical nature (for example, participants can propose the concept of a social robot, mobile applications, computer games, and others), or be analytical (the interpretation of the role of digital technology in society, the consequences and the prospects for implementation).

- I decided to study at the Summer School of Digital Humanities because I long wanted to understand what the digital humanities are. And at the very first meeting, I realized how interesting this area is - Alexander Kubenina, a participant of the school, shared her first impressions. - This is an interdisciplinary area, and I am sure that the school will expand my horizons, and maybe I'll decide to enroll in the Master's of DH.

The contest winners will receive benefits for admission to the Master's of Digital Humanities at TSU. The point credit received for the project submitted to the competition will be taken into account when conducting the entrance examinations in the Master's DH.

Russia has no analogs of this Master's programme. Digital humanities centres exist in the world's leading universities: University of California Los Angeles, The King's College London Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Cambridge; The Australasian Association for Digital Humanities Inc. (aaDH), brings together organizations of Great Britain, Japan, Europe, United States, and Canada.