TSU will train economists according to international standards

6 July 2016

The Institute of Economics and Management will begin its work at TSU in September. It is a new unit, which will combine scientific and educational work in economics and management. The Bachelor's and Master's programmes of the new institute will conform to international standards, and the reception of documents from entrants is being conducted now.

The Economics and Management Institute was founded in the Faculty of Economics, the Higher School of Business, and the International Management Faculty with the active support of Sberbank Corporate University.

- Until now, educational activities in economics and management were carried out in different directions at different faculties and university departments, - says Sergey Kushch, Director, Department of External Projects and Applied Research of Sberbank Corporate University. - In our view, establishing the Institute of Economics and Management is the right way to consolidate teaching and research resources, aimed at further enhancing the effectiveness of economic and management education.

This educational institution model requires that students learn not only specialized courses, but also receive a basic knowledge of the natural sciences. This approach to economic education is a trend among the world's leading universities such as MIT and Tsinghua University (China).

- This trend is associated with changes in the labor market and with the type of problems that graduates must solve now and in five years. Especially in the area aimed at innovation, - said the expert Igor Baranov. - This is where the Institute is aimed. Economists and managers who promote the new technologies in the market need to understand the thinking of the scientists and the language that they speak.

The task of the TSU’s new Institute is to become the leading centre of economic and management education beyond the Urals. The results of the preparatory work that the University led during previous years will contribute to it. Now TSU has strong partners in economics and management, including Sberbank, the international companies EY and KPMG, and others. Also among the partners of the Institute is the association ACCA that conducted professional accreditation of the Master's programme Finance and Accounting in Organizations, which as a result received an international quality mark.

- I think that the Institute of Economics and Management has great prospects, - says Sergey Kushch. - Its programmes are developed in accordance with international standards. The work of this Institute will be one of the most important areas of TSU’s activity in the future, both in teaching and in research.

Combining the three faculties and modernizing the educational activities in economics and management requires an appropriate material and technical base and the development of campus infrastructure. University management is actively working to address these issues.