Strategic initiative 5

Building the systems of University and change management

Development of a University management system and a management system for changes

Task 5.1 Expanding the core of changes

Step 5.1.1 Development of a network team of the leaders of change at every level of the organization
Step 5.1.2 Generation, project supporting activities, project activity monitoring 

Step 5.1.3 Restructuring the main processes for priority tasks of production and promotion of innovative products (in science, education, and the social spheres)
Step 5.1.4 Information and analytical monitoring

Step 5.1.5 Improvement of ranking strategy

Task 5.2 Expansion of the development periphery. New management loop

Step 5.2.1 Increase in the influence of the stakeholders on the University management system
Step 5.2.2 Development of the quality management system
Step 5.2.3  Development of the key managers system, responsible for interaction with partner companies 

Step 5.2.4  Establishment of scientific and education centres and laboratories jointly with partner companies

Task 5.3 Stimulation of academic structures

Step 5.3.1 Development of employee involvement mechanisms in the change management process, introduction of shared governance elements  
Step 5.3.2 Planning and organization of project-based activity, including implementation of information system of project management within the Office for Strategic Management
Step 5.3.4 Introduction of information technologies and electronic document flow in the change management system
Step 5.3.5 Support of the staff’s innovation activity including through the bank of initiatives for University development and through grant competitions
Step 5.3.6 Introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards

Step 5.3.7 Managerial consulting on organizational processes
Step 5.3.8 Development of a system of efficient contracts
Step 5.3.9 Conducting institutional research on the University environment
Tasks 5.4 Institutional support of implementation of a culture focused on changes

Step 5.4.1 Development of an innovative environment that supports the change  management process on an ongoing basis
Step 5.4.2 Analytical support of the change management process
 Step 5.4.3 Holding events on implementation of culture focused on changes

Task 5.5 Positioning and developing the communication system

Step 5.5.1 Performance of a communication plan supporting the process of realization of strategic initiatives, with involvement of the top management and stakeholders
Step 5.5.2 Holding events on positioning of the University
Step 5.5.3 Development of a system of information and communication support for the transformation process
Step 5.5.4 Promotion of the University in social networks

Tasks 5.6 Diversification of resources and expenditure management

Step 5.6.1 Expenditure management by optimization of the planning processes, administration of the budget and control of administration
Step 5.6.2 Improvement of the management accounting system and financial reporting
Step 5.6.3 Outsourcing some of the management functions of facility maintenance