Strategic initiative 4

Implementing patterns and practices of successful international research universities for the effective development of research activities

Implementation of models and practices of successful international research universities in effective development of research activities 

Task 4.1 Implementation of scientific research plans according to the long-term programme for fundamental research at the Russian universities, in accordance to priority international fundamental and applied research:
- research projects under the supervision of leading international and Russian researchers and (or) in conjunction with promising research organizations, including the possibility to establish organizational departments at TSU;
- research and development projects jointly with Russian and international high-tech organizations, including the possibility to establish organizational departments at TSU
Step 4.1.1 Development of TSU Science Map based on foresight, target model ,and unique advantages of the University
Step 4.1.2 Establishment/development of university-based Centres of Excellence based on network cooperation and interdisciplinarity for ensuring international leadership in research of quality of life of an individual and society
Step 4.1.3 Establishment and modernization of laboratories under the supervision of leading national and international scientists
Step 4.1.4 Establishment and modernization of joint laboratories with RAS
Step 4.1.5 Project and system integration with Siberian State Medical University and five academic institutions with a medical profile in Tomsk, operated under Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (FASO)
Step 4.1.6 Development of a scientific project management system focused on the fulfillment of fundamental and applied research plans in accordance to the priority international scientific areas including removal of the non-effective areas identified as a result of monitoring

Step 4.1.7 Participating in and heading large international network projects, research communities and collaborations
Step 4.1.8 Increase in the number of publications in the international citation databases including Web of Science and Scopus per year, per member of the academic staff, through promotion of TSU specialized scientific journals into the international citation databases    
Step 4.1.9 Implementation of tasks aimed at increasing the citation index 

Step 4.1.10 Increase in TSU’s reputation rating (recognition) in the world community
Task 4.2 Development of an innovative ecosystem as the source of economic growth (income diversification, high-tech business, import substitution)
Step 4.2.1 Development of an innovation loop of the University and of the system of key managers
Step 4.2.2 Development of network of engineering centres and centres of shared use
Step 4.2.3 Development of monitoring and promotion system for products of the University on the international and national markets 

Step 4.2.4 Formation of entrepreneurial spirit and intense innovative activity among young people
Step 4.2.5 Holding events of the federal and local levels in the area of innovative, technological, and social entrepreneurship
Step 4.2.6 Development of a system of venture capital investment in the University
Step 4.2.7 Development of internship systems for young entrepreneurs at leading innovative companies