Strategic initiative 3

Attracting talented undergraduate and graduate students to TSU (“Generation 2020”)

Recruiting talented students and PhD students for TSU (Generation 2020)

Task 3.1 Enhancement of postgraduate and doctorate training activities

Step 3.1.1 Internationalization of postgraduate/PhD and doctorate training to fit tasks of priority areas of TSU development
Step 3.1.2 Development of network cooperation with leading international and national universities
Step 3.1.3 Employer-sponsored PhD for requirements of innovative companies oriented at global competitiveness in the area of improvement of quality of life of an individual and society

Task 3.2 Recruitment of talented applicants, formation of loyalty to the University in secondary and high schools in Russia and in the world, mainly in regions of northern Eurasia and Southeast Asia

Step 3.2.1 Development and modernization of network educational programmes for gifted pupils
Step 3.2.2 Development of a concept of a lyceum-boarding school in Tomsk for gifted children, focused on requirements of innovative companies; cooperation with MSU and Innopraktika

Step 3.2.3 Development of a substantial concept of Museum of Science and Technology in Tomsk corresponding to the best world standards
Step 3.2.4 Development of an internet lyceum to attract talented pupils, including international pupils, based on remote technologies

Step 3.2.5 Arranging international competitions, festivals, academic competitions, educational games, and workshops to involve schoolchildren in the university environment including those in collaboration with establishments of basic and supplementary education and museum of science

Task 3.3 Implementation of measures for attracting students from leading international universities to study at Russian universities, including by implementing partnership educational programmes established jointly with international universities and university associations

Step 3.3.1 Enhancement of the international positioning system including at the international market of scientific and educational services
Step 3.3.2 Enhancement of the recruitment system of international students (applicants) to the full-time training university programmes, including master/ postgraduate (PhD) programmes in English
Step 3.3.3 Conducting summer and winter student and postgraduate schools
Step.3.3.4 Improvement of the adaptation system for international citizens
Step 3.3.5 Creation of a network centre of Russian language with branches
Step 3.3.6 Development of an English-speaking environment at TSU

Task 3.4 Implementation of measures for supporting students, postgraduate students, interns, and young academic staff

Step 3.4.1 Modernization of the TSU infrastructure important for satisfaction of the scientific and educational interests of students, postgraduates/PhDs, and young scientists
Step 3.4.2 Provision of academic mobility and internationalization of undergraduate and postgraduate students/PhDs in university-focused areas and under the Centres of Excellence.

Step 3.4.3 A motivation system of international talents for active project and social activity